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Trevor Juntunen

Trevor joined his father working at Bay Insurance in the spring of 2001 and has since taken over management of the business and upgraded the technology used at the agency. He is currently serving on the Board of Directors for Great Lakes Mutual Insurance Company. Trevor works primarily out of the LíAnse office.
Trevor and his wife Valarie have three children. He is also active with the Shriners and Masons, serving as the circus treasurer and as secretary in the Blue Lodge.

Roger Juntunen

Roger founded Bay Insurance Agency in 1991 in LíAnse after working as an insurance agent since 1973. He has served on the Blue Cross Blue Shield Agentís Advisory Council and his previous experience as an industrial engineer is a benefit in writing commercial insurance. Roger works primarily out of the Houghton office and is currently "semi-retired".

Aside from running his own business, Roger raised five children with his wife Linda and has eleven grandchildren. He is an active Shriner and Mason, serving as the Shrine Hospital Chairman for the Copper Country and as treasurer for the Ahmed Shriners of the Upper Peninsula. 

Roger has participated in six of the C.H. Robinson Worldwide 150 MS Bike Ride in Minneapolis, MN. He and his son-in-law Adam MacEwen will once again be participating. They are always looking for donations. This bike ride raises money for Multiple Sclerosis research. This is a cause that is close to our familyís heart. Please consider donating by clicking the banner below.


Val Juntunen

Val is Trevorís wife and is the CSR in the LíAnse office. She also maintains the website, facebook page, and other marketing endeavors.

MS Bike Ride